How to Start a Marijuana Business in Santa Monica ?

You can now legally have marijuana delivery service Santa Monica ,  for either medicinal or recreational reasons. Few want to or are able to grow their own, though. There is a huge demand for marijuana businesses in the city, and the law will soon allow for retail stores, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors, and even testing facilities. Although … More How to Start a Marijuana Business in Santa Monica ?

POTVALET – Cannabis Dispensaries in California

As growing acceptance of marijuana continues to rise, California’s cannabis dispensary industry booms. Oakland lawmakers recently voted to sharply increase the number of licensed marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and related businesses that can operate. In 2014, state-registered dispensaries reported $570 million in income, bringing in $49.5 million in taxes. Although, dispensary numbers continue to grow, there … More POTVALET – Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Marijuana for Glaucoma Treatment

Introduction to the Topic Marijuana for glaucoma treatment has become widely used.The bud of Marijuana, which is generally a mixture of top of the cannabis plantand dried flower leaves. The flowers, leaves, seeds and stems of cannabis contain physiologically active and psychoactive chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Marijuana for glaucoma treatment has been used medically … More Marijuana for Glaucoma Treatment