Useful Tips to improve your Marijuana Harvest

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Marijuana growing is business and the ultimate goal of any business is making profit. For growers to achieve their goal, they have to get the highest yield possible using the least effort, time, and money possible. Also, they need to produce products that pass quality control checks because this is mandatory legal requirement, and affects the demand of their product.

Some factors are known to negatively affect yield, so growers should be aware and prepared to combat them so they can get high yields. We have listed and briefly explained some of the factors here.

Choose the right strains

The marijuana strain you choose is going to affect the growth rate, yield, and potency of your buds. While most of the strains in the market today have higher yields than traditional ones and the chances of failure are very slim, you should seek expert advice which one can do well for your growing.

No matter how good your facility is, you need to start off with the right strain to be assured of the best yields. You don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the right strain, as most dispensaries are specialists in this.

Harvest at the Appropriate Time

Harvesting at the right time is very important in determining the quantity and quality of your final yield to be supplied to marijuana dispensaries or consumed. If you harvest too early your buds will be too small and unripe, and if you harvest too late the buds will be smelly and lose some potency.

The window of time for harvesting marijuana buds is between two to three weeks long. Be sure to wait long enough so buds can ripen fully. The two to three weeks up to harvest are very important as during this time, the buds can grow up to 25 percent. This means overnight cannabis delivery businesses will pay more for your crop.

Create Good Growing Climate

Ensure you have properly regulated the growing climate such that the humidity and temperature levels are not too high or too low. If your crop turns brown and wilts, there is excessive heat, and if it grows slowly, the temperature is too low. Without the right temperature, there will be several negative consequences.

Keeping your grow room’s temperature within a defined, consistent range will ensure your plants grow properly so you can get the best harvest. It will even improve the potency and smells of the buds, so temperature is a critical factor for maximum yield.

Light Intensity

Light is one of the most important factors in marijuana growing. It’s vital for the flowering phase of weed plants. You should increase light intensity during the flowering phase as this will help to increase the quality and quantity of the final yield. Photosynthesis relies on light to create sugar, which is used to create flowers by the plant.

Marijuana plants in the wild use plenty of light, so there is minimal chance you can give the plants too much light in your grow room. Be sure to keep the light some distance away from the plant.

Use the Best Nutrients

Provide the right nutrient so your plant can grow properly if you give too much or too little of one nutrient, your crops will have leaf discoloration, death of leaves, curling of leaves and other strange symptoms. If you provide too much nutrients it will suffer from nutrient burn.

For you to get the best yield of weed, you have to take good care of your plant. There are several other factors that influence your harvest.

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