Most Powerful Companies in the Marijuana Industry

Emerging markets have a way of activating speculation and regulation. You can now buy weed online through the various website. In the long-anticipated marijuana industry, states are filling their own regulatory shoes, overseeing commercial production with full authority. Now that it is legal, states must establish rules of conduct for the marijuana business to drive industry growth. Some are influencing the market’s direction in a very big way.

For investors, finding real-time information about profits and expenses is often fruitless. Knowing which cannabis entrepreneurs or marijuana business to invest in can be legally complicated guesswork. Most are privately funded or growing on the small-cap exchange. The media struggles just as much. Details are scant about core companies driving an industry worth $3.5 billion at the start of 2015.

Cannabis is the market growing faster than any other industry in the history of the United States, yet companies are nervous to divulge details about themselves. They are avoiding the camera. Laws are still too in flux to inspire public advertising just yet, and cannabis still has a lingering bad reputation in some circles of society. A list of the most influential marijuana businesses does exist, based on these factors:

  • Advantage of an early start
  • Revenues
  • Ability to influence regulation
  • Brand image
  • Investment in human capital
  • Place in current and future markets
  • Employee teamwork
  • Investment in equipment and plants

These are currently the 10 most impressive and influential companies in the marijuana industry:

1. Pot Valet

Pot Valet takes first place because it is revolutionizing the cannabis delivery industry. With the largest online catalog of lab-tested medical-grade cannabis products, the company promises to deliver within 45 minutes to most counties in California, and soon all of the United States. Pot Valet eliminates the role of storefront dispensaries with its online collective.

2. Harborside Health Centers

Situated in Oakland, California, Harborside Health Centers is a non-profit medical dispensary operating since 2006. It employs approximately 140 people and supplies 170,000 certified patients. It plans to expand its services to other legal states, as well. With more than $30 million in annual sales and over 250 lab-tested products, it is the biggest marijuana dispensary in the U.S., and possibly the world.

3. O.penVAPE

Started in 2012, O.penVAPE is a private company incorporated in Colorado. It makes infusions, edibles, concentrates, and oils, but it also sells marijuana accessories and consumption equipment. Since its inception, this company’s products sell in more than 1,000 national dispensaries, making it the largest cannabis brand in the world.

4. Privateer Holdings

Affiliated with Marley Brand, Tilray, and Leafly, Privateer Holdings started in May 2010. It specializes in private equities and ventures capital exclusively in the cannabis industry. Based in Seattle with 170 employees, the company is buying brands, purchasing international licenses, growing the Canadian distribution sector, and promoting Marley Brand around the world.

5. Dixie Brands, Inc.

Affiliated with Left Bank, LLC in Colorado, Dixie Brands, Inc. is a private company incorporated in Delaware. With 50 employees, it produces nationally recognized edibles and infusions, namely Dixie Elixirs and Edibles for both medical and recreational purposes. The company is a powerful brand with an exclusive range of concentrated cannabis products.

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