5 Best Strains for Getting High in Santa Monica

Some pot strains will get you more stoned than others will. Potency is important when choosing the best marijuana strains for you. If you enjoy the effects of cannabis, then as a legal California patient, you have access to strains with the highest THC content in the world. Because THC is the psychoactive compound in weed, the more THC the buds have, the stronger its effects will be.

Here are five of the best strains to get you high in Santa Monica:

1. God Bud

God Bud Strain

A popular cash crop for its dense buds, God Bud is powerfully potent and widely available. This Indica is a Hawaiian, Purple Skunk hybrid named “God” for its 22 percent and upwards THC content. This strain is almost hallucinogenic, which is the reason for its popularity in Santa Monica and all of California. It has a delightful lavender smell with hints of pine and is famous for its fruity, tropical taste.

2. Chemdawg 91


Testing at THC levels of 24 percent and higher, Chemdawg 91 is among the most potent strains available for pot delivery in Santa Monica. Its mysterious genetics are part of its potent allure, but most believe this Sativa-dominant strain a Thai landrace baby. Chemdawg 91 has a pungent, diesel-like smell, but its lemony pine flavor offers a delicious precursor to its powerful physical effects.

3. White Fire

With THC levels measuring as high as 28 percent, White Fire is a strain truly for the bravest of souls. As a Sativa-dominant strain, it will get you up any mountain successfully, even if you do get lost along the way. Beginners should use this strain cautiously, as its potency is fast acting and powerfully intense. White Fire is a best-selling strain for marijuana delivery in Santa Monica.

4. Blueberry

Blueberry marijuana strain

Blueberry is another popular strain for its potency, and not just in California, but worldwide. This High Times Cannabis Cup holder won “Best Overall Strain” and “Best Indica” in 2000. THC content is typically 24 percent, and its Indica-dominant effects guarantee a powerful high. So popular is Blueberry that it is the parent to many hybrid strains. You can buy it at any cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica.

5. Yoda OG Kush

Yoda OG Kush strain

This Indica-dominant strain is iconic for its potency. It frequently measures 28 percent THC. Yoda OG Kush is a powerful sedative available abundantly in Santa Monica. Bred from the world-famous OG Kush line, few other strains come anywhere near to matching the strength of Yoda OG’s effects. If you plan to use this strain during the day, clear your schedule so that you have no commitments or obligations.

Marijuana Delivery in Santa Monica

You have more choice if you order pot delivery in Santa Monica. There are hundreds of weed products ranging in potency, so if you plan to get as high as possible, the above list will help you get started on the most powerful strains available. Only medical patients can order from a cannabis dispensary in Santa Monica. If you do not have a Marijuana Card, you will need a physician’s recommendation.

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