Are You Getting Legalized Marijuana Delivery Services In Santa Monica ?

The operations of marijuana delivery service Santa Monica is not fully defined because there is no proper legal structure that governs the issuance of permits and how the businesses should be operated. The legal aspect of marijuana delivery is a tricky now at this moment just like all issues related to cannabis. At the federal level, pot is prohibited but at state and local level, laws are coming up, which allow marijuana use and delivery services- but these laws seem to be inconclusive. The delivery service providers should do their business as nonprofits and only deliver to members registered in the collective. They also have to acquire business licenses. This post examines how marijuana Santa Monica is being conducted and whether the delivery services are legalized or not.

Santa Monica’s Stand

Santa Monica has not yet begun issuing licenses for cannabis dispensaries, however there exists a zoning ordinance allowing at most two cannabis dispensaries for medical use. These dispensaries should have onsite cultivation.

In Santa Monica, a marijuana dispensary is required to get a conditional use permit – these are granted by the Planning Commission. What this means is that businesses related to cannabis may not be able to legally operate within the city if they do not have approval from Planning & Community Development Department and Finance Department.

Operations of Cannabis Retail Outlets

Marijuana retail outlets including weed delivery service Santa Monica cannot operate within 600 feet of family day care, early education, or childcare facility. Such outlets may not also operate near a school, park, library, or other existing marijuana dispensary. The new law also permits marijuana delivery service Santa Monica conducted by dispensaries to only primary caregivers and qualified patients.

Licenses Not Issued Yet

In spite of the changes in zoning laws, Santa Monica has delayed the issuance of permits to cannabis dispensaries. The reasons may not be that local cannabis entrepreneurs are disinterested, but because City Council requires time to define its regulations regarding commercial cannabis operations.

It is clearly that local legislators have been scrambling to make decisions as to whether to issue permits or in part, ban the business of cannabis. However, voters approved Proposition 64 and the Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act (MCRSA) was enacted, and these two moves are an indication that permits may begin to be issued soon or later.

So, Are You Getting Legalized Delivery Services of Marijuana?

The answer to this question may be yes or no. If the delivery services are operating as per the requirements set by the marijuana laws in Santa Monica, then you are getting somewhat authorized delivery services. However, remember that, within the city’s limits, only a maximum of two dispensary services are allowed.

There are may be other delivery services that are operating underground because they don’t meet the requirements set by the zoning ordinance. If you’re getting your delivery services from such facilities, then you are likely not getting legalized marijuana delivery services.

When you want to get marijuana online in Santa Monica, you should find out if it comes from an authorized delivery service.


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