How to Get Marijuana Delivered to Your Door

medical marijuana delivery

With marijuana going mainstream in California and other states that have legalized weed, technology is among the key competitive edges that many cannabis organizations are investing into to ensure that their customers get what they need at the right time and with the desired accuracy. At Pot Valet, we have invested heavily in technology to ensure that you as our client get the marijuana delivery you deserve accurately and at the right time around Santa Monica. To receive your weed, there are basic steps you should follow. In this guide, we discuss steps that you should follow to get your marijuana delivered to your door by Pot Valet’s professional carrier.

1. Be a resident of California with  marijuana ID card

This is, of course, the most basic necessity if you want weed delivered to your doorstep. Being in possession of a marijuana ID card is the requirement of the law for anyone who has a condition that requires the use of medical pot. If you don’t have one, you should visit your marijuana doctor for a recommendation. There are many weed doctors in Santa Monica that will help you obtain your medical ID card.

2. Register for delivery services

Before ordering for the delivery of pot, your information should be registered with Pot Valet. You are required to enter your cannabis information, billing, and shipping details for accurate delivery of marijuana. This is the most sensitive part, and information provided will determine the effectiveness of the delivery. Customers don’t have to worry about the safety of the information submitted will always be kept secure by Pot Valet.

3. Choose a product of your choice

Everybody has a choice when it comes to selecting the product that merges their needs. Pot Valet perfectly understands that. That is why we have an extensive menu for our visitors. After the approval, you can now choose whatever you like from a wide menu of edibles, vaporizer kits, concentrates, cartridges and hybrids. These items are organized to make the process of selection hustle-free and easy. Concentrates, cartridges, and vaporizers are each placed in a separate category to help visitors fulfill their needs as smoothly as possible. Once you have chosen what you want, you can go ahead and place your order, and the delivery process begins soon afterward.

4. Wait patiently for delivery of your marijuana

The Marijuana Delivery Service Santa Monica takes just a maximum of 45 minutes. This is not to say that you can wait for the entire 45 minutes before you get your item delivered. In fact, the average waiting time for most of our customers is 22 minutes. Discretion of the information you share with us during your registration is our number one priority. Pot Valet always stresses to its customers how important it values customer privacy and the amount of dedication in ensuring the data given is not shared with any third party. Further, we urge all our clients to ensure that all information submitted is truthful to avoid misunderstandings. You will get your weed delivered to your place at an affordable price within a short time after fulfilling all the requirements.

You can now sit down and enjoy your legal marijuana at your pleasure after its delivery by Pot Valet’s professional delivery team.


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