Marijuana Delivery Services are Gaining More Customers

Stephen Douglas Kerr, a renowned American retired professional basketball player who is currently the head coach of the Golden State Warriors advocates for the use of marijuana. He was in recent times amazed at how the media treated his preferred choice to use marijuana over prescription pain killers. For Kerr to buy marijuana and use it was not a big deal to him. Now that the media had turned the matter on, Kerr chose to extend the discussion further and highlighted the dangers of using pain-killers. For him, he first tried out cannabis for over a year as medicine for pain relief. However, it didn’t work but in his little research, he found out that cannabis was a lot less dangerous than pain killers that have been prescribed for athletes for many years now. Although it was not in his interest to make it a big story, he didn’t mind the direction that his use for marijuana had taken.

While sharing his thoughts, Kerry said that prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Vicodin are awful medications and very dangerous to NFL players.  There is a high possibility of addiction and have a negative effect on their health on the long-term. Therefore, it came out as a very important issue not only for some states but for the nation as a whole. It is a matter affecting the sporting fraternity including the NBA and NFL. So, could this stand taken by Kerr be the path towards the use of cannabis in sports leagues. Recently, we have seen a lot of marijuana reforms taking place across the United States. If this was anything to go by, then marijuana delivery services would experience a positive shift with an increased market for their products. Apparently, that could be where NFL players are headed to.

The passing of Proposition 64, for instance, has been a huge victory for marijuana advocates in California. The continued research and education on marijuana will definitely overwhelm the perception that has been there for some time now. Ironically, the stuff that has been prescribed for NFL players is bad for them and what authorities ban is the best option.  Ideally, it’s just a perception. Today, United States is beginning to see sense and that is why many states have been allowed to continue with their marijuana business. As a result, a lot of pressure is piling on the federal government to decriminalize weed. Particularly, the medical value of marijuana is evident and there is increasing support for its use across America. Most importantly, this is not happening in the country alone. Marijuana has been in use in many other places such as Canada and Mexico although with some measures to control it.

Online Marijuana has been trending in recent times for a number of reasons. First, it has little or no side effects on users. Again, there are very few cases of addiction and most importantly, it has never been associated with any fatalities compared to the prescription drugs. When abused, prescription drugs can kill, weed doesn’t.


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