POTVALET – Cannabis Dispensaries in California

As growing acceptance of marijuana continues to rise, California’s cannabis dispensary industry booms. Oakland lawmakers recently voted to sharply increase the number of licensed marijuana dispensaries, cultivators and related businesses that can operate. In 2014, state-registered dispensaries reported $570 million in income, bringing in $49.5 million in taxes.

Cannabis Dispensaries in California

Although, dispensary numbers continue to grow, there are few that are drastically changing the marijuana industry like these dispensaries.

Harborside Health Center, which many believe to be the largest pot dispensary, recently announced the Justice Department was dropping its case against the dispensary after four years. Not only does Harborside resemble a high-class spa, but the facility boosts a number of classes on marijuana and holistic services for its members. They also promote same-day delivery for cannabis with edible, topical and tinctures marijuana options.

Featured Marijuana Dispensaries in California

Priding itself on being Los Angeles’ best MMJ dispensary, Exhale Med Center has been featured in Vulture, CNBC and Fox News. Not only does this dispensary promote cannabis education it provides a quality of marijuana strains not found at all dispensary locations, like the Diamond OG. The dispensary boosts a highly professional environment with white lab coat “Bud-tenders” to help patrons. The website allows you to take a virtual tour of the shop and lists the conditions that marijuana is being used to treat.

For those not wanting to head to their nearest dispensary, Kushfly provides plenty of options for “420 delivery in the Highest quality”. From flowers and edibles to CBD’s and concentrates, the site offers instant delivery to individuals in Hollywood and Los Angeles and overnight delivery for elsewhere in California. They even offer an interesting collection of THC beverages, which can also be found in various dispensaries around California.

If you rely heavily on the opinions posted on Yelp, La Brea Compassionate Caregivers may float your boat. They don’t have a website but the reviews really speak volumes of the facility. They promote Happy Hours and first-of-the-month discounts for their products as well as first timer discounts for newbies. With their Starbuck’s- like, easy feel it’s easy to understand that they are one of the most popular choices for getting access to marijuana.

With the abundance of dispensaries blooming in The Golden State it’s evidently inevitable that recreational legalization will soon make its appearance in the state (and across the nation). California voters are getting a chance to fully legalize marijuana this November. If passed this measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use would allow adults ages 21 and older to possess, transport and use up to an ounce of marijuana for recreational purposes and would allow individuals to grow as many as six plants.”

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