Cannabis for Insomnia

medical marijuana for insomniaIf you suffer from insomnia, you’ll know all too well the struggle between feeling tired or even exhausted, but your eyes just can’t stay open. If you feel like you’ve exhausted all options when it comes to finding a solution to your lack of sleep, with marijuana, you may actually find your solution. Weed is great for those who have sleep problems thanks to its ability to calm anxiety ridden thoughts and to ease any stresses or pain that can be keeping you awake. If you choose one that is effective enough, you could even find that you sleep through the whole night instead of waking up frequently.

The Best Cannabis Drug Strains For Sleep Problems

If you really want to solve your sleep problems, you should choose a strain of the cannabis drug that is mainly or completely indica based. Sativa strains tend to cause you to become more awake, whereas indica strains will calm and relax you so that you can sleep better. It is believed that this is due to the difference in chemical properties between the two strain types.

Edible Cannabis For Better Effects

If you want to stay asleep throughout the night without tossing and turning and waking up at intervals, you should consider using edible marijuana rather than inhaling it. Whilst there is technically nothing wrong with smoking or ingesting marijuana, you will usually find that the effects that marijuana has on your body will be slower releasing and will work for longer if you consume the substance rather than inhaling it.

The Age Of The Product

You should try to use older marijuana for when you want to enjoy a longer night’s sleep. The element of cannabis that creates the drowsy feeling is called Cannabinol and it is highly effective in brining about a sedating effect. The older the product is, the more potent the Cannabinol will be. The downside of this is that the cannabis won’t have as fresh a flavour but if you’re particularly interested in getting to sleep, don’t let the taste stop you.

Avoid THC

One of the other chemicals that exists in cannabis is THC. It can be great for some reasons, but it is really bad for those who want to get to sleep. It can bring on feelings of anxiety and anxious thoughts as well as making you feel alert. These things aren’t at all helpful if you want to have a good night’s sleep. Choose strains that have lower levels of THC.

You should try out several different strains of online marijuana before you decide on the one that helps you to sleep the best. Everyone reacts to marijuana in a different way, so what helps one person sleep, may not be as effective for another person. Finding the right strain is largely down to trial and error but in time, you’ll find the right option for you.


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