What does the legalization of recreational marijuana mean for Oregon?


Oregon is preparing for the commencement of the sale of recreational marijuana in November. Whilst it had been believed that it would be around 3 months later that the chances would come into force, it was decided to bring the launch date forward. Whilst this is an exciting time for the people of Oregon, the legalization of the recreational use of the cannabis drug also brings some trepidation and uncertainty to those who grow and sell the substance.

Marijuana dispensaries apply for recreational licenses

There are 345 medicinal marijuana dispensaries across the state of Oregon, and of those, there have been 200 who have expressed an interest in offering the drug for recreational sales too. This is not surprising, as marijuana is a profitable item to sell. With marijuana dispensaries offering marijuana to recreational users as well as those who use it for health purposes, it is expected that sales will double for those who currently sell marijuana products. It is therefore not surprising that so many outlets are applying to sell marijuana for recreational use.

Oregon prepares for more relaxed laws


The new rules mean that from this coming Thursday, October 1st, residents of Oregon will be entitled to legally purchase marijuana, seeds and even plants for their own personal use. There is an age requirement that the buyers must be over the age of 21. These new rules are the resulting changes made after a ballot measure legalized the in-state sale and use of marijuana for recreational use. The products that are available will be ready to use.

The next step for Oregon to take is to license and tax the sale and distribution of marijuana. To prepare for this, and the start of the new laws, the marijuana dispensaries, growers, and the state’s officials have been carrying out various steps and procedures. Dispensaries have been putting in orders for more stock as a higher demand is expected.

Businesses involved with the cannabis drug likely to flourish

The relaxed laws are great news for many people who already work in the industry. Those who grow the substance are already finding that they are being offered more orders and that demand is quickly increasing. They will be able to increase their production levels and make more money from the plant. It is expected that the cannabis growing business will begin to flourish with this new law.

Thanks to the increased availability of the drug and the more open-minded view of the government, it is expected that the bad reputation that the cannabis drug still holds with some, will quickly start to improve.

It is still a little early to say whether or not the legalization of marijuana will be a positive move for Oregon, but there are some good vibes going around at the moment. Only time will tell.


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