New research finds Cannabis to be safer than alcohol

New research finds the Cannabis Drug to be safer than alcohol

Contrary to federal government beliefs, it would seem that the cannabis drug could be even less cannabis-vs-alcoholdangerous than previously thought. The substance remains on the federal government’s list of dangerous drugs, classed as a schedule 1 substance although there have been no recorded cases of any deaths being directly attributed to the use of marijuana. In comparison to other drugs, including legal alcoholic beverages, it looks like marijuana by a long shot is the safest.

Interesting Cannabis News for Supporters of Legalization

In one research study carried out earlier this year, it was found that the risk of death associated with any known drug could be quantified with the use of charts. The effects were quite startling. Alcohol seems to be the leader as the most deadly abused substance, with heroin following closely behind. Tobacco falls somewhere in the middle, but by a long shot, marijuana is a very low risk substance, according to the study,

imrs.phpWeed has been found to be around 114 times less likely to cause death than alcohol. This is the result considering the lethal dose required for death in comparison to the actual amount that a user of any given substance may actually use. Marijuana was in fact the only substance tested that gave almost no risk of death at all.

Considering the many bills and debates centered around the legalization of marijuana at the moment, this Cannabis News comes at a good time, although it’s by no means new news. Around a decade ago, a similar experiment was carried out, which used very slightly different calculations. The findings of that experiment yielded almost identical results to this most recent test. This research, along with other research of a similar caliber could be what the government and lawmakers need to make their decisions regarding the drug.

Hope for the People to Legally Buy Marijuana

Whilst the findings show that marijuana is safer than alcohol, this does not mean that it is perfectly safe,illegal-marijuana-deaths-compared and it is important that the government comes up with ways to ensure that it is being used safely and produced lawfully. Legalizing marijuana could assist with this as marijuana dispensaries and legal retailers of the cannabis drug could give users safe and regulated means to use the drug and Buy Marijuana.

It is interesting to consider the red tape that still blocks people from using marijuana throughout some parts of America, given its low risk status, whilst alcohol and nicotine remain to be regulated but legal. Supporters of legalization hope that in the very near future there will be a universal understanding of the drug, to not only allow people to Buy online Marijuana, but that the criminalization associated with it will soon be a thing of the past.


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