Marijuana Cannabis: A Quick Glance on its History

There is no denying that cannabis or marijuana has gained popularity with time and has been widely accepted as a medicinal herb. But do you know the history of marijuana cannabis? Where it came from? Where it was cultivated first? How many years ago it was found? I am very sure that no one knows this.

And why should we bother to know? We are relishing the marijuana benefits and that is the reason why we don’t feel like going into the roots to find out its history. It’s not that marijuana cannabis was sold in the local pharmacies. It was sold with a medical prescription and only to some patients who actually required it. But now with time, marijuana cannabis has been legalized in many states thus providing the amazing benefits.

history of marijuana cannabis

Let us take a sneak-peak on its history:

  • Marijuana (Cannabis) was used to mention low quality tobacco and it is a Mexican term.
  • Its history dates back thousands of years and was used as a medicine even when it was not legal. It was cultivated in China for the first time around 4700 years ago. A Chinese Emperor mentioned the medical marijuana benefits in his book which says that marijuana cannabis is a very good medicine to treat many ailments.
  • Marijuana cannabis was tested by Egyptians to treat Cancer and it actually has healing benefits. An ingredient named THC is found in marijuana which acts as a good medicine in inhibiting the cancer cells.
  • Greece people used marijuana cannabis on their horses to first aid their sores and wounds. Then after it was checked on humans to treat many ailments and it proved its benefits. After Greece, the practice of marijuana cannabis moved to Arab countries.
  • In mid -1800s, the usage of medical cannabis was introduced to the countries like Europe and North America and it spread quickly. Many conditions like epilepsy, pain and muscle spasms etc. were treated effectively with the proper consumption of cannabis.
  • After gaining popularity, marijuana cannabis was accepted by United States Pharmacopeia in 1851. It remained in the list till 1942 and after that it was removed.
  • The states where the usage of marijuana cannabis was legalized are Alaska, California, New Jersey, Maine, Colorado, Michigan, Hawaii, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Vermont, Oregon, Washington and Rhode Island.

But still after its legalization, the patients in some countries are not allowed to grow marijuana cannabis for medicinal purposes. They have to get it from the pharmacies or they can buy marijuana online also from marijuana dispensaries.


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