The latest in Cannabis News, Washington Post may no longer make job seekers pee in a cup

Washington, District of Columbia, legalized recreational marijuana. This is big cannabis news and more and more American states, and countries around the world, will be doing the same in coming months and years. With a change in law often come other changes. Some of those changes may be an increase in online marijuana use, more persons will order pot online and there will be ripple effect changes in other policies such as the one Washington Post recently decided to reconsider. This new policy may very well change its recruitment process that would no longer require candidates to pee in a cup as part of their screening process.

Corporate company recruitment processes can sometimes be quite tedious, whether it’s several rounds of interviews with one-on-one persons and panels, long application forms and testing such as psychometric tests. The companies also usually have policies that have some connection to laws and regulations to ensure they are within all stated rules and guidelines, for instance some may require that you hand in a police report. And some companies like the Washington Post ask job seekers to provide a urine sample to test for illegal substances such as marijuana. But now that the District of Columbia has changed its laws regarding marijuana use, there’s no longer a need to perform this urine test. And thus the policy makers at one of the most popular newspapers in Washington are reconsidering this pee in a cup policy.

cannabis newsA spokesperson for the newspaper said that the “Washington Post is reviewing its policy in light of the changes to D.C. law,” reported by Huffington Post. It was not said whether failing the test would disqualify job seekers from being the successful candidate. However, one might assume that if two candidates were ahead of the pack and one failed the test then that might just be the reason they don’t make the cut.

What does this mean for marijuana supporters? It means the world is changing. The encouraging evidence that supports the legalization of marijuana is growing. Colorado legalized the substance and has begun to reap the benefits. In only a year of legalizing marijuana it gained $53 million towards the tax revenue and that figure will more than likely continue to grow.

Scientific studies show that not only does marijuana use have a positive correlation with the smart more intelligent and open-minded individuals among us but it also has a lower mortality rate than other more widely accepted substances such as tobacco and alcohol.

Moreover, the marijuana benefits are nothing to scoff at. Cannabis is used for a wide variety of ailments and diseases; marijuana for migraines, marijuana for glaucoma, marijuana cancer treatment, the list goes on. Making the public move to consider the urine test policy change at a company as influential as the Washington Post is just the beginning.


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